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Transforming and renewing

the transport offer
in Paris


  • 20% of all RATP buses

    running on natural gas by

Faced with several challenges in relation to issues of optimisation and innovation, RATP (Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports) relies on ENGIE for the transformation and renewal of its transport offer
and related services.

Transforming the telecommunications network

RATP has its own communications network. It gives access to the Internet and telephony, and also enables the wireless communications necessary for the operation of its services.

ENGIE is responsible for the migration of this network to a new network and for the transformation and complete maintenance of video systems on metro lines. The scope of the contract is unique, since it involves carrying out, in one go and with no interruption of service (so only at night, a few hours at a time), the migration of one communications network to another.

This project required the creation of data centres dedicated to RATP, to store all the data collected by cameras and on the networks.


RATP functions

are affected by this network transformation.

Signalling focusing on safety

INEO, a subsidiary of ENGIE, also provides railway signalling for RATP.

The main challenge here is to make sure that the trains always run under perfect safety conditions. The demands are very high: the tolerated failure threshold is 1/1,000,000,000.

Developing biogas buses

ENGIE also helps RATP to develop natural vehicle gas (NVG) and biogas supply solutions for RATP bus centres.

The particular challenge here is to develop solutions to supply RATP with bioVNG, a gas fuel that comes from the anaerobic digestion of waste.

During the COP21, which took place in Paris in December 2015, ENGIE and RATP provided environmentally friendly transport for the 1,000 participants to the Climate Summit for local leaders and the UCLG World Council.

of all RATP buses

running on natural gas by 2025

And tomorrow ?

There are signs everywhere that urban public railway networks are becoming obsolete. The question of refurbishing them without interrupting the service is a crucial one, and ENGIE with its subsidiary INEO will specialise in it.

The Engie Today teams for paris

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