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Reducing CO2

emissions due to transport,
which represent 22% of all emissions


  • 1.9 million

    vehicles running on gas in

  • 100 million €

    invested by ENGIE to develop
    “natural gas” transport

  • 100 new LNG-CNG

    stations in Europe in 5 years

Today in Europe, industrial and logistics groups are mobilising with ENGIE to access new kinds of long-distance transport. Their objective is to put in place logistics circuits that are greener, and even completely "carbon neutral", banking on gas fuel.

Transport today represents over 20% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Investing in gentler transport modes and developing alternative fuels are therefore essential. This is true for urban as well as long-distance transport. For ENGIE, it means opting for the “natural gas” fuel solution.


A "blue corridor" for clean transport

Since May 2013, the European Union has been deploying the European “Liquefied Natural Gas Blue Corridors” project. Its aim is to make LNG a real alternative for medium- and long-distance transport.

To achieve this, LNG stations are being put up every 400 km on the main European roads. 50 LNG stations have been deployed, creating a clean goods-transport road corridor from Poland to Portugal.

The project, which involves 27 partners in 11 countries, is co-funded by the European Commission for a total of €7.96 M.

filling station

every 400 km on the main European roads

ENGIE invests in natural gas fuel

Convinced that gas is a fuel of the future for road transport, ENGIE is investing in the development of LNG and CNG fuel stations in Ile-de-France and throughout Europe over the next 5 years.

67 LNG stations will therefore be built in Europe before 2021, and some 30 CNG stations in the greater Paris region.

Connect2LNG: businesses unite to develop the LNG network

Private groups are tackling the issue through the Connect2LNG project, launched in 2015. Together, they form a consortium of companies that are determined to develop a pan-European network of LNG filling stations.

ENGIE provides solutions to make Connect2LNG a reality, which include:

  • A competitive gas price to increase visibility and foreseeability
  • LNG stations in choice locations
  • Availability of gas to supply and operate LNG filling stations in a reliable, sustainable way

The manufacturer Iveco in turn invests in the development of engines for lorries running on gas.

of range offered by LNG,

the liquefied form of natural gas vehicle

And tomorrow ?

Hydrogen is one of the future levers chosen by ENGIE to accelerate the energy transition. The Group is partner to 11 projects in France which have been certified within the framework of the “Hydrogen Territories” call for projects initiated by the public authorities. These projects aim on a regional scale to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility and environmental benefits of hydrogen.

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