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A Tramway

for a greener
transport network in Dijon


  • 20 km

    of new lines

  • 20 million

    passengers transported in one

  • €120 M invested

    over 26 years

The capital of Burgundy is expanding its public transport offer. Two new tramlines commissioned in 2012 give inhabitants a fast, frequent alternative to bus travel. Plus one that emits less CO2 by using energy from renewable sources.

To develop its new tramway network, the town of Dijon joined forces with ENGIE through a 26-year public-private partnership (PPP). Thanks to this model, the town can offer its inhabitants 20 km of lines covered by 33 tramways.

A dense, frequent and fast network

Dijon’s two additional tramway lines combine safety with efficiency. The average interval between trams is five minutes, and passengers and pedestrians enjoy a high level of safety.

In the town centre, the interval is shortened to 2.5 minutes to ensure a fast and efficient service, with increased surveillance and checks to meet high security standards.


can travel on these new lines every day

A full range of associated services

A total of EUR 120 million is being invested in these new lines. It covers the design of the lines themselves as well as associated infrastructures and services, including:

  • a passenger information system
  • a high-speed telecommunication network
  • an operation-control centre
  • lighting all along the line and on the platform
  • a solar power production system on the roof of the maintenance centre’s building
  • maintenance services


of solar panels were installed on the roof of the maintenance centre, providing power to Dijon’s public infrastructure.

An innovative public-private partnership

The construction of these lines was made possible through an innovative PPP between ENGIE and the municipal authority of Greater Dijon.

ENGIE was awarded a 26-year contract for the design, building, financing and maintenance.

ENGIE made several commitments to support the local economy and improve energy efficiency:

  • 50% of the works outsourced locally
  • 80% of the maintenance work performed by local companies
  • Braking energy retrieved at the traction substation
  • Traffic and street lights equipped with LED
  • 5,000 photovoltaic panels installed on the maintenance centre

And tomorrow ?

This 26-year partnership aims to maintain and optimise performance over the long-term. ENGIE puts an emphasis on training its maintenance teams to continue optimising efficiency: 50% of the teams’ workload has been devoted to in-house training.

The Engie Today teams for dijon

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