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Traffic signal engineering

What ?

ENGIE helps network managers implement traffic-regulation solutions on the network. This includes offering an optimal regulation system for traffic lights and variable message boards that are used to inform motorists. These services are very useful for meeting the goals and challenges that a town faces, such as reducing traffic congestion, limiting emissions, and prioritising public transport vehicles.

Why ?

  • ŸWith 67% of the world’s population living in towns by 2050, traffic issues will become increasingly significant.
  • ŸA quality traffic-signal system is essential to ensure smooth, safe traffic for all users.
  • ŸHaving an excellent engineering service will guarantee a level of reliability in infrastructures in order to optimise urban traffic.
  • ŸUsing an infrastructure in the centre of town to optimise the transport of its inhabitants.

How ?

Thanks to its partner network and experts at TRACTEBEL, ENGIE works closely with technology providers and transport network managers.

By using existing data from the region,  a perfectly tailored solution is drawn up to address local challenges as efficiently as possible.

For who ?

Local authorities like:

  • Municipalities,
  • ŸParking-lot operators,
  • ŸRoad and motorway network managers,
  • ŸInfrastructure and road signalling equipment providers.