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Renewable electricity for vehicles

What ?

ENGIE has considerable green power-generation resources that position the group as a leader in this market.

In France, the group even offers exclusively green electricity contracts to its individual clients, to make the energy revolution a reality.

For individuals and professionals who are concerned about their environmental footprint, the group uses this DNA to offer green energy contracts suited to the consumption needs of electric vehicles.

Why ?

  • Ÿ92% of the earth’s inhabitants today are exposed to poor air quality, according to the WHO, particularly in large cities.
  • ŸDeveloping electric transport is a major lever to fight pollution and purify the air in towns.

How ?

For its green electricity offer, ENGIE ensures that the equivalent of the amount of electricity consumed is produced at plants that use renewable energy sources and injected into the grid. The Guarantees of Origin system certifies that for each kWh of energy consumed, ENGIE buys the equivalent in electricity produced from renewable sources.

For who ?

  • ŸIndividuals
  • ŸCompanies
  • Municipalities