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Prospective studies

What ?

To enable decision-makers to set up infrastructures and transport solutions that will have a positive impact on inhabitants’ and workers’ daily transport, ENGIE participates in drawing up plans and prospective studies that are powerful decision-support tools when it comes to selecting concrete projects to implement.

Considering a wide variety of analysis criteria, such as demographics, sociology and regional morphology, ENGIE experts develop prospective scenarios for local authorities or companies that are concerned about the sustainability of their transport choices.

Why ?

  • ŸTo determine the impact of policies and strategic decisions.
  • ŸTo choose the best transport solution with regard to its impact on the rest of the region.
  • ŸTo communicate on a transport-infrastructure project.

How ?

Via its subsidiary TRACTEBEL, ENGIE offers a multidisciplinary consulting service with international experts in various fields (transport, economy, urban planning, environment and special technologies).

For who ?

Local authorities like:

  • Brussels, with the Mobil2040 study
  • ŸThe Flanders region, with the study on the Future Vision (2020) of the public transport network

Companies like:

  • RTBF,
  • Electrabel