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Passenger information systems

What ?

ENGIE has a complete public-transport passenger information offer.

  • ŸFrom designing to implementing the infrastructure, ENGIE adapts to the client’s needs to offer users an accessible, convenient and reliable service.
  • ŸENGIE offers real-time passenger information through efficient positioning and communication technologies.
  • ENGIE’s range of passenger-information systems can be set up as part of a comprehensive passenger information and operational support system (SAE / SAEIV).

Why ?

  • ŸBetween 2001 and 2012, the share of public transport increased by 20% in all urban transport in developed countries.
  • 60% of the world’s population will live in towns in 2050. Strong environmental pressure compels us to limit the use of personal vehicles and opt for public transport instead.
  • ŸENGIE is a leader in the market, with recognised technologies used in over 150 transport networks worldwide.

How ?

INEO Systrans, a subsidiary of the ENGIE group, daily develops the group’s excellence to the benefit of transport operators. For the past nearly 40 years, its expertise in Passenger Information and Operational  Support Systems (SAE / SAEIV) has enabled it to equip more than 35,000 buses and 1,800 trams with self-developed onboard devices and software applications.

From the design to the maintenance of the systems, Systrans is a sought-after partner for municipalities and transport operators. With its wide network of innovative partners and a dedicated R&D team, Systrans positions itself according to the best market standards.

For who ?

Municipalities and transport operators.