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Multimodal route modelling

What ?

To enable municipalities to set up efficient transport services, ENGIE provides multimodal route modelling and traffic and route simulations for vehicles, in order to tailor transport programmes or policies to users’ needs and lifestyles.

Used as decision-support tools, these models replicate existing and predict future uses by taking demographic, sociological and regional morphology changes into account.

Why ?

  • ŸTo offer the best possible transport service.
  • ŸTo optimise the public transport network and routes.
  • ŸTo optimise travel time for users depending on precise objectives like efficient coverage of a new business park and cutting back on the use of personal vehicles.

How ?

Via its subsidiary TRACTEBEL, ENGIE offers a multidisciplinary consulting service with international experts in various fields (transport, economy, urban planning, or environment).

In addition, a partnership signed with the data company Street Light Data enables ENGIE to reinforce its knowledge in the various regions and continue to fine-tune and adapt its services to the local conditions of municipalities.

For who ?

Municipalities, transport operators, removal companies and promoters.