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Integrated urban parking solutions

What ?

ENGIE offers a complete urban parking solution that includes a wide range of services.

  • ŸSetting up a sensor network on the ground at parking spaces,
  • Installing cameras that automatically read number plates,
  • Deploying an interconnecting network of sensors and parking meters,
  • Collecting data from sensors, cameras and meters to determine the occupation rate of parking spaces and compliance with parking rules,
  • Integrating the data into applications for:
    • The public: predictive guiding to available parking areas,
    • The municipality: monitoring saturation of parking areas, updating rules and prices,
    • Control officers: monitoring compliance with parking rules, targeting additional surveillance.
  • Training of municipal officers and surveillance operators,
  • ŸDeploying control support systems: video fining, software for issuing post-parking fees (electronic parking fines),
  • ŸMaintenance of the entire system.

Why ?

  • Ÿ30% of all traffic in a town is due to vehicles looking for a parking space, which generates sound and environmental pollution.
  • ŸParking spaces take up as much as 25% of the public areas in certain cities, which reduces the space available for housing.
  • ŸIn France, only 35% of drivers pay spontaneously for parking, which creates a shortfall in municipal revenue.
  • ŸParking fines in France will be decriminalised as from 1 January 2018, which will give municipalities the tools and incentives to manage their parking situation more effectively.
  • ŸRate modulation and increased parking surveillance in cities is therefore an important lever for changing transport behaviour.
  • ŸENGIE offers a solution for municipalities to make parking a lever in their transport policy, for control operators to increase their revenue from parking fees, and for the public to benefit from improved service quality.

How ?


  • INEO Infracom: expert in the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure and dynamic systems in regional and local communities (video cameras, speed checks, PMV, etc.).
  • INEO Tinea: expert in the design, installation, maintenance of and training in information systems.


Experts at INEOTinea have developed an algorithm to predict available parking spaces in a given area. With this functionality, people can benefit from the smart-parking service without needing to use their smartphone while driving, and plan their routes in a more suitable way.


ENGIE’s smart-parking system is a worthwhile investment for municipalities. It improves the quality of parking options the community offers, and at the same time increases revenue from parking. This does not only include paid parking but all regulated areas (Blue Zones, PMR spaces, drop-off zones, delivery zones, etc.). Return on investment comes fast (within a year), and even allows certain communities to think of saving on parking costs.

For who ?

Municipalities of all sizes, with diverse challenges like:

  • The Greater Dijon city area
  • Anglet municipality
  • Castillon-la-Bataille municipality
  • Cognac municipality

The solution can be adapted to other environments

  • Hyper- and supermarkets
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Etc.