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Electric charging station networks

What ?

  • ŸDesigning charging station networks and geographic coverage;
  • ŸInstallation and commissioning of charging stations;
  • Ÿ24/7 operational maintenance;
  • ŸPower supply to charging stations;
  • ŸSmart management of vehicle charging, with the possibility of contractual limitation;
  • ŸLocal power production from renewable energy sources;
  • ŸCollecting and analysing power-consumption data;
  • ŸAssociated services: network mapping updated in real time, user apps, etc.

Why ?

  • Ÿ92% of the earth’s inhabitants today are exposed to poor air quality, according to the WHO, particularly in large cities.
  • ŸTo fight against pollution and purify the air in towns, developing electrical transport is a major lever.
  • ŸBut for towns, companies and private individuals to invest more in electrical vehicles, they need to have fast charging stations at strategic places in town.
  • ŸENGIE designs, installs and maintains electrical charging station networks and supplies these networks with electricity including from renewable sources.

How ?


  • EVBox: a Dutch company founded in 2010
    that has become the leader in the electrical charging station market with 40,000 charging points installed worldwide. EVBox stations can easily be recognised by the LED ring around the charging socket.
  • Powerdale: a Belgian company specialising in energy control and electrical transport. Electrabel and Cofely, subsidiaries of ENGIE, worked with Powerdale to develop a new simple or double charging station model called CarPlug. The station can be installed indoors our outdoors. It is compatible with all types of rechargeable vehicles and can charge up to 60%.


  • ENGIE Lab works on smart-charging solutions for all types of electrical vehicles: cars, bus or scooters. With these solutions, several vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the right time and up to the right level, to consume power more efficiently and protect existing power installations in case of overload.


  • To finance charging station networks in towns, ENGIE innovates and proposes some inventive models. In Rotterdam, where ENGIE operates and provides maintenance and power for 3,000 stations, the revenue from operation, maintenance and power supply is used to finance the network installation.

For who ?

Local authorities like:

  • The energy department of the Aube region (SDEA),
  • ŸSydela, the energy department of Loire-Atlantique, SE 61 energy department,
  • ŸThe energy department of the Seine-et-Marne region (SDESM) in France,
  • ŸThe cities of Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands.

Companies like:

  • RTBF,
  • ING,
  • Belfius,
  • Deloitte,
  • SD Worx,
  • PWC,
  • ALD,
  • SWIFT,
  • BMW,
  • etc.