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Demand-response aggregation

What ?

In order to guarantee the reliability and sustainability of the grid, including in peak periods, ENGIE has developed an expertise in power demand-response aggregation. Based on a detailed analysis of clients’ behaviour, a demand forecast is made in order to adapt the response and make deletions where necessary. In the case of electric transport, this limits the impact of several vehicles charging simultaneously from the grid.

Demand-response aggregation can be combined with a broader smart-charging approach.

Why ?

  • Ÿ 92% of the earth’s inhabitants today are exposed to poor air quality, according to the WHO, particularly in large cities.
  • Ÿ To fight against pollution and purify the air in towns, developing electric transport is a major lever.
  • Ÿ To make sure that companies and individuals can safely use electric vehicles in a town, they need to have the guarantee that the quality of the grid and adjacent services will be maintained.

How ?

ENGIE is a key partner that has the capacity to mobilise its expertise in electric vehicle charging, grid management and energy. This skill panel enables ENGIE to offer smart charging services. It allows us for instance to limit contractual power, maximise auto-consumption of electricity, optimise the intermittency of power production from renewable sources,
and even out consumption peaks.

For who ?

  • Ÿ Municipalities
  • Ÿ Companies
  • Ÿ Individuals