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CNG and bio-CNG stations for bus operators

What ?

  • ŸENGIE offers its clients a complete supply solution for buses that run on natural gas by designing, building and operating stations and providing natural gas.
  • ŸFilling stations are adapted to operators’ requirements: in or outside depots, in slow or fast filling mode.
  • ŸThe highest possible safety criteria are applied.

Why ?

  • Ÿ92% of the earth’s inhabitants today are exposed to poor air quality, according to the WHO, particularly in large cities.
  • ŸTo fight against pollution and purify the air in towns, developing vehicles that run on natural gas is a major lever.
  • ŸBut for public-transport operators to use natural gas as a fuel, they need to have charging stations set up at strategic points of their routes, and adapted to their needs.
  • ŸNatural gas is much less polluting than other fuels commonly in use. Fine particle emissions are reduced by 99%, nitrogen oxide by 85%, CO2 potentially by as much as 15%, and engine noise by half compared to diesel.

How ?

  • ŸENGIE handles the integration, operation and maintenance of natural gas filling stations.
  • ŸIts wide partner network enables the Group to offer a complete turnkey solution that is tailored to local challenges.
  • ŸStation models are entirely adapted to the client’s needs: in or outside depots, in slow or fast filling mode.

For who ?

  • Local authorities that want to offer their citizens an innovative clean-transport solution, like more than 17 municipalities in France that are equipped by ENGIE to fuel their bus fleets.
  • ŸPublic-transport operators that use buses running on natural gas.