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3D modelling and simulation

What ?

Coupling the best of 3D technology with urban data sets, ENGIE makes interactive, systemic simulations of the impact of infrastructure or alternative-transport projects (e.g. alternative fuels). 3D modelling gives ENGIE a clear vision of the impact that a project will have on the quality of transport networks, impacted flows, noise pollution due to road works, or the improvement of air quality (“if we replace a diesel bus line with electric buses, how will it impact air quality? “) with regard to public policies that have been implemented.

The amount of detail offered by ENGIE’s 3D simulation and modelling technologies make it a remarkable decision-making (modelling several scenarios), communication and educational tool.

Why ?

  • ŸTo improve knowledge of the impact of public decisions.
  • ŸTo choose the best transport solution with regard to its impact on the rest of the region.
  • ŸTo present and communicate in an interactive, collaborative way on an infrastructure or alternative-transport project.

How ?

ENGIE carries out the entire 3D modelling and simulation process, from collecting data to processing and presenting it.

For who ?

  • ŸLocal authorities, such as: Santiago (Chile), Paris (France), Chengdu (China), and North Tyneside (UK).
  • ŸTransport companies like: Cisco, RATP, Société du Grand Paris, Vinci, Artelia and ENGIE.
  • ŸProperty players like: Cisco and RATP.